Travel is the key to a more creative life. So, it isn't surprising that travel inspires so many of us to write, or to take up photography, videography, painting, international cooking and music.

Creative expression explains why we write, but to understand our human need for everyone to read what we write is more complicated. The great food writer M.F.K. Fisher explained it this way: "To write NOT to publish is a bit like kissing yourself." (She also gave brilliant advice on good writing: "Write a good, clean sentence and put a period at the end of it. Then write another one.")

What a loss it would be if we didn't feel the strong need to share our creative endeavours with everyone. Travel narratives was always my favourite section of any book store, back in the day when there were book stores and travel writing wasn't known as blogging.

Send us your travel writing! We don't care if you are published or not, although good, clean sentences are an asset. We are looking for articles which help first-time travellers plan their African journeys; experienced travellers recall their African journeys; all of us to laugh about our African journeys; and stories which offer armchair travellers the next best thing to being in Africa.



Leslie Nevison, MTT's Director, has written over 40 articles for publications such as the Los Angeles Times, CNN Traveler Magazine and Outpost Magazine, Canada

Nicky Dunnington-Jefferson is a UK-based travel writer and former Africa expatriate with decades of travel experience.

Lesley Pritt is a UK-based travel writer, favourite MTT client, who is at her happiest when on safari.






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